Umbra – A secure wallet, instant messaging platform and a marketplace

Privacy can be considered as a right of every human being. However, the privacy of people who browse the internet is not safe at all. In fact, people in today’s world take a great risk when they do online transactions and communicate with other people. That’s where the Shadow Project comes into play.

What is The Shadow Project?

The Shadow Project was initially started as a fork of Bitcoin. However, it evolved into something more than that along with time. In fact, the development team of the Shadow Project was able to create an entire privacy minded platform for decentralized applications.

At the moment, the main objective of the Shadow Project is to create an all-in-one software platform for a decentralized, private and free economy. Even though the Shadow Project is not directly competing with Bitcoin, it has taken necessary measures to manage the painful flow of Bitcoin, which lacks anonymity and privacy. On top of everything, The Shadow Project is a proof stake. Umbra can be considered as the final outcome of all their efforts.

What are the features of Umbra?

Umbra comes along with a variety of features, which range from communication to commerce. The entire platform is based on the Shadow Network. It comes along with a user friendly interface as well. Therefore, the users will not find it as a difficult task to use Umbra in their day to day lives to ensure privacy. As mentioned earlier, Umbra is a complete solution for privacy. As a result, it allows people to engage with secure trading activities. All the transactions are done through Umbra are based on ShadowCash. ShadowCash is something that goes beyond other digital currencies available. In fact, ShadowCash is totally invisible and people will be able to ensure their privacy while engaging with buying and trading activities from any part of the world. That’s because

ShadowCash uses ring signatures and dual-key stealth address in order to facilitate the secure and seamless transactions. Umbra also offers a secure instant messaging platform for the people who are concerned about their privacy. In fact, this secure messaging platform allows anyone to send a receive messages without revealing their metadata to the outside. Therefore, people who use Umbra will be able to remain anonymous while sending and receiving messages in a seamless manner. The best thing about encrypted messaging system of Umbra is that extra layers of protection can also be applied in order to hide presence on the network.

Umbra also offers a decentralized marketplace for the people who are concerned about their privacy. This marketplace will give people the opportunity to engage with buying and selling activities while ensuring their privacy. In fact, the marketplace will completely be in the hands of users and the community. As you can see, Umbra is an all in one solution available for the people who are concerned about their privacy and they can use it without any doubt on mind.

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